High-quality recording, reviewing, and assessment tools, medical device data integration, and ease of use make LiveCapture the breakthrough solution for improving patient safety and simplifying reporting of clinical quality measures in hospitals.
LiveCapture is ushering in the era of video-supported quality improvement for iterative advances in all aspects of patient care, professional development, and operational efficiency.

LiveCapture helps provider teams work together to deliver safe patient care. Insights into quantity and quality of team communication, patient communication, and time to specific interventions are available in every captured session. With one button recording, a single interface featuring multi-angle video, high-quality audio, and medical device data, LiveCapture makes it easy to identify issues based on hard data through introspective review.

Post-activity analysis for even a single procedure has historically been labor-intensive and entirely manual. LiveCapture can help unit managers establish a baseline and track improvement of performance in compliance and core measures such as JCAHO, AHA, CMS, and internally-determined quality standards. QI teams can appreciate the ease of measuring performance and optimize established processes, procedures, and equipment across multiple areas and teams.
LiveCapture is easy to work with and seamlessly integrates with medical devices. Installations are meticulously planned by Project Managers, and Implementation Specialists then install LiveCapture and assist IT staff in configuring it for optimal usage and security. LiveCapture requires no software installation on end-users computers and is remotely monitored for general health and upkeep.


Create, associate, and report on performance metrics

  • Track time-outs, hand washing, sepsis, infection rates
  • Simplify reporting for JCAHO, AHA, CMS, BLS/ACLS/PALS
  • Rapidly create and/or associate checklists to sessions



Manage recording in multiple rooms, departments, and floors from a single, remote interface

  • Automate workflows and recordings
  • Customizable floor plans and list views
  • Color coding and video previews for clarity



Debriefing accessibility from more places, at anytime

  • Session list and video preview modes
  • Pre-defined and free text annotation for speed and flexibility
  • Touch-optimized data trends and logs



Use your institution’s existing user IDs and passwords

  • Automatically synchronizes user information
  • Improved session security
  • Eliminates need for separate system credentials

LiveCapture accepts the broadest range of camera inputs in the industry, and each unit comes with our powerful simulation operations and management software.

With four different recording options to choose from, you are free to mix and match to create a solution tailored for your institution’s needs, whether you are on a budget, want to use existing audiovisual infrastructure, or want to use the latest HD or IP cameras

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