Pelvic Mentor


PELVIC Mentor™ is an integrated hybrid system that combines a physical mannequin with a computerized 3D virtual system.
The innovative PELVIC Mentor’s utilizes sensors that are placed on the trainee’s finger. These sensors, combined with the mannequin and the 3D picture, enable the trainee to obtain a real-time indication of the finger palpation, abdominal press and cervix manipulation during anatomical recognition phase, or while performing a pelvic exam.
The system tracks the trainee’s movements and provides a full performance report on the progress and level of the trainee.
The system was designed with an attractive yet smart design that is ideal for the learning experience.

The Simbionix PELVIC Mentor™ advanced simulator allows OB/GYNs, family practice doctor, medical students, nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife, physician’s assistant, to obtain detailed knowledge of pelvic anatomy and to acquire the comprehensive skills required to perform pelvic exams.

The PELVIC Mentor is a strong didactic tool that provides trainees with immediate feedback on anatomical recognition and the opportunity to practice a pelvic exam accurately.

The unique combination of the model’s anatomical structure, finger sensation and virtual model provide the most effective training tool to date, aimed at developing physician confidence during pelvic examination.

Replacement mechanism – The PELVIC Mentor contains various interchangeable anatomies that represent normal and pathological pelvic anatomy  so that learners can experience different anatomical structures.

Anatomical View Mode
One of the major difficulties in understanding pelvic anatomy and the pelvic exam is the lack of ability to see the actions performed inside the pelvis. This is a challenge for trainers who do not have any indication on what the trainee is performing inside the pelvis and cannot track their performance.
The anatomical view enables users to see the internal organs and track the palpation inside the physical model.
Tasks may all be displayed in both modes based on the trainee’s level.

Dynamic Virtual Model
Palpation on and inside the anatomical model is reflected on the virtual model to allow the trainee to better understand the anatomy and reduce the learning curve.
The virtual model features an advanced anatomical atlas, enabling a dynamic review of:
• Muscles
• Organs
• Bones
• Blood vessels
• Visceral structures
• Ligaments

Anatomical customization
Software customization allows the course director full control of the organs to be included in a specific course. The trainer can decide on the number of organs and the order in which they will appear in a task.

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