SimCapture enhances simulation and standardized patient center operations and management, making learning, teaching, organizing, and reporting smarter than ever before.

Capture up to four channels of perfectly-synced video, native resolution medical device outputs, and simulator physiological data trends in an interface that’s easy to scan, interpret, and annotate.

Combined with powerful tools for quick and collaborative grading, research, and reporting, this 100% web-based solution is software that you will actually use.

Educators need to get out from under a mountain of time-consuming and repetitive tasks. SimCapture integrates with anything, so it can capture everything that’s happening in the room with one click. Debrief, annotate, and assess sessions anywhere, anytime. Maintain user privacy with just a few clicks. Allow participants to schedule themselves via easy to use self-enrollment. Generate individual or batch performance reports. All this means you now have more time to focus on educating.

Sim staff and IT teams don’t have time to worry about new software affecting simulations and network security. SimCapture is easy to install, integrates with all types of simulators, and streamlines operations. Our highly trained implementation specialists work closely with you to leverage existing IT infrastructure and configure the network for optimal and secure access. SimCapture requires no local installation on end-users’ computers, and is remotely monitored for general health and updates.
SimCapture begins earning its keep from day one. Usage by department, external organizations, faculty, and participants are all tracked automatically. Reports and statistics can be generated anytime, locally or remotely, by any system administrator. Understanding your center’s throughput, outcome trends, utilization, and a clear understanding of ROI are just a report away with SimCapture.


Create, associate, complete, score and report on evaluations

  • Collaborative, web-based question library
  • Easy, drag-and-drop interface
  • Seamlessly integrated checklists



Organize and administer curricula

  • Pre-, live, and post-session assessment options
  • Centralized completion and performance tracking
  • Attach multimedia to supplement course content



Powerful calendar with a seamless experience

  • Web-based calendar
  • Self-enrollment for participants
  • Inventory and resource management



Debriefing accessibility from more places, at anytime

  • Pre-defined and free text annotation
  • Touch-optimized data trends and logs
  • Convenient for large groups



At-a-glance viewing and control of your entire center

  • Control an entire center with one interface
  • Automate OSCEs, workflows and recordings
  • Integrated messaging to communicate with any room



Store and debrief all of your sessions from the safe and secure cloud

  • Redundant video storage for disaster recovery
  • Versatile offsite viewing options for faculty and students
  • Reduced burden on IT staff
  • Unlimited storage capacity



Use your institution’s existing user IDs and passwords

  • Automatically synchronizes user information
  • Improved session security
  • Eliminates need for separate system credentials

SimCapture accepts the broadest range of camera inputs in the industry, and each unit comes with our powerful simulation operations and management software.

With four different recording options to choose from, you are free to mix and match to create a solution tailored for your institution’s needs, whether you are on a budget, want to use existing audiovisual infrastructure, or want to use the latest HD or IP cameras.

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