U/S Mentor


The U/S Mentor™ offers a multidisciplinary, realistic hands-on training for the ever-growing utilization of ultrasound in medicine especially at point of care (POC) setting.

The U/S Mentor™ simulator combines realistic male / female mannequins with true-to-life external landmarks and realistic virtual patients for the practice of scanning and diagnosing various anatomies and pathologies.

It provides residents, fellows, and practicing physicians an opportunity to acquire and improve their sonography-related skills on a variety of virtual patients. The simulator, is designed to provide the optimal educational environment to reach and demonstrate competency levels.

Training on the simulator provides a true-to-life experience, using emulated ultrasound probes for transthoracic, transabdominal, transesophageal and transvaginal procedures.

The platform includes an innovative all-in-one computer with large high definition multi-touch screen. The configuration is enhanced by a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse and a footswitch for simple, convenient user operation.

The most realistic ultrasound environment simulation

The U/S Mentor™ is aimed at providing all the features of a clinical environment of ultrasound examinations and interventions including:

  • Realistic clinical setup with accurate mannequin and simulative ultrasound probes in real dimensions.
  • Ultrasound images generated according to probe position in relation to the mannequin, incorporating common ultrasound imaging attributes and artifacts.
  • Controls and diagnostic tools available for all simulated cases include color Doppler, basic to advanced knobology controls and more.
  • Diverse virtual patient cases based upon real patients, ranging from normal, through slightly abnormal to distinct pathologies.
  • User customization of case severity supports the creation of diverse scenarios using a single case.
  • Contact/Pressure dependent ultrasound image (without using gel).
  • Recording and browsing capabilities, including the utilization of freeze and cine-loop.
  • Reporting of clinical findings at the end of each case.

Library of Modules

  • Sonography Basic Skills
  • Bedside Echocardiography
  • eFAST
  • Abdominal
  • TEE
  • Basic GYN TVS

U/S Mentor Brochure