Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia

Nov 12, 2014

Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia

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An integrated state-of-the-art Bi-plane angiography suite and simulation training centre.

Able to link to other centres of excellence for telemedicine, telehealth, teleconsultation, education or research purposes.

An advanced learning and resource centre for HUSM post graduates, clinicians and relevant departments.

Advanced learning centre for endovascular procedures including Carotid Intervention, Renal Intervention, SFA Intervention, IIiac Intervention, Coronary Intervention, Cerebral Intervention, CRM, Aortic Valve Replacement, EVAR, TEVAR, Peripheral Embolization, Transseptal Puncture and AF Ablation

(a) Bi-plane Angiography procedure suite (Siemens Artis-Zee System)

(b) Main Control Room View (Touch screen controllers reference monitors)

(c) Simbionix Angio Mentor ultimate endovascular simulator

The Challenges

Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) is located in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. It is one of the national teaching hospitals and centre of excellence with leading healthcare services and latest technology. The radiology department carries a mission of strengthening the research activity, academic and services in radiology such as musculoskeletal imaging, interventional radiology, woman health imaging, paediatric, medical physics and healthcare information technology.

HUSM has the inception of the Advanced Minimally Invasive Endovascular and Neurology Interventional Centre (AMIEN). Today, the centre is equipped with the latest Siemens Artis-Zee Bi-plane Angiography System. Hence, HUSM is now better prepared for minimal invasive endovascular interventional procedures which are generally easier for patients because it involves no large incisions, is less risky and painful and boasts shorter recovery times. It is set to improve the healthcare service level in Kota Bahru, Kelantan.

Being a teaching hospital with APEX (accelerated programme for excellence) status, the centre is also tasked to provide training for interventional radiologist in Malaysia by using multidisciplinary endovascular surgical simulators that provide hands-on practice of endovascular procedures performed under fluoroscopy in the cath lab, interventional suite or an OR, in an extensive and complete virtual reality simulated environment.

Our Solutions

Our telemedicine and AV conferencing system is linking few areas in AMIEN of which are Bi-plane Angiography Suite, Control room, simulation lab and teaching room.

HUSM Bi-plane Angiography suite, is loaded with the state-of-the-art Siemens Artis Zee Flat Panel Bi-plane Angiography system, a integrated telemedicine system and digital AV conferencing system. It has hi-resolution cameras and microphone system allows interventionists to link with other centres of excellence for telemedicine, tele-consultation, teaching or research purposes. Meanwhile, other clinicians, postgraduates or fellows in simulation lab and other teaching room can choose to participate the session or viewing it live at the other end.

The Angio Suite will have two units of 55” Full HD LCD display monitors showing images from Siemens Bi-plane machine, far end video from other hospitals, simulation lab or teaching room. Display layout is interchangeable depending on the user preferences. The system is intelligent enough to do necessary adjustment from medical grade fluoroscopy images, HD quality video to analogue video presentation slides and direct them to any screen effortlessly. All rooms will have full duplex audio communication.

Control room can monitor and control the facilities in all rooms via a GUI (Graphic User Interface) based touch panel. All functions are custom designed with HUSM logo on the home page; while users can assume full control of the system with the touch panel. (eg, initiate conference call, microphone volume, camera movement, etc)

The facility is designed to fulfil current teaching requirement and ready for any future expansion plan. Because the system is built on modular basis, HUSM is rest assured of the upgrading path and the investment cost is well protected.

Associate Professor Dr.Shafie, coordinator of AMIEN, envisages the centre playing a leading role in training for interventional radiology and image-guided endovascular procedures. The integral part of the project is to build a minimal invasive endovascular simulation lab closely integrated with other facilities.

The lab is installed with Simbionix ANGIO Mentor Ultimate endovascular simulator. It allows users to experience the sensations of performing an entire endovascular procedure under live fluroscopy including complete diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, hemodynamic monitoring, complications and drug administration–all in a controlled and safe environment. Also, it is designed to enhance device-related skills, manual dexterity, guidewire and catheter skills, as well as decision-making regarding choosing appropriate instruments. The system incorporates a high-end haptic mechanism providing incredibly realistic simulations of the look and feel of using guidewires, balloons, stents and other interventional devices.

It has technical Skills Recording and Assessment module that generates procedure log tracking all user actions- devices used, contrast injected, imaging, drug administration, hemodynamic changes and complications. It gives trainers a comprehensive performance report includes tracking and capturing objective parameters.

The simulator supports an innovative PROcedure Rehearsal Studio that provides patient specific training on patient’s CT MR scans, for the planning of an upcoming procedure, post operative debriefing and expanding library of training cases.

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