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Dec 19, 2014

International Medical University

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IMU likes to establish an advanced simulated clinical skill training centre which can be transformed into an operating room, emergency trauma suite, intensive care unit or ward setting, and for added effect and scenarios that may include role players (i.e. a surgeon, circulating nurse, respiratory therapist, etc.).

IMU wants the students to immerse themselves in a simulated environment. Irregardless of the scenario presented, every effort is made to ensure that the students face the same sense of stress and urgency as they would during a real-life experience. By the end of the simulation session, they will have gained valuable hands-on training at no risk to patients.

Using a patient simulator, instructors reproduce various scenarios from basic patient interaction to technical procedures as well as critical situations, such as intra-operative cases, trauma emergencies and cardiac life support.

(a) METI Simulators in simulated OT

(b) Laerdal simulator in simulated ward

(c) Control room view (Simulator control PC,     recovery server workstation and sim lab     camera controller and Lecturer Headset, mic)

The Project

The simulation centre in IMU is an integrated facility with various functionalities that are closely linked to fulfil the entire medical simulation training requirement. It consists of integrated simulation rooms (Operating Theatre and Patient ward setting), the control centre and debriefing room. It will have full spectrum of patient simulator for medical training. The centre is also equipped with sophisticated digital audio-visual system that is integrated throughout the lab to record all simulated learning, assessment and debriefing sessions.

The centre will have 2 simulation rooms for different training requirements. One is a simulated operating theatre equipped with gas pendant, OT panel, OT light and OT table. The gas pendant comes with functioning medical gas outlets indicating oxygen, nitrous oxide, vacuum, MA4, etc. The gas pendant is also connected to a simulated medical gas system, which allows trainers to operate a general anaesthetic machine to demonstrate how a GA machine is used with other equipments such as ventilators, suction units, and patient-monitoring devices in a hospital environment.

A simulated patient ward coupled with actual medical bed-head terminal, air-flow meter, and suction-bottles, patient bed, vital sign monitors, will be used to conduct ALS/BLS courses, bedside communication skills, and others.

These rooms can then be set to closely simulate the operating theatre, recovery ward, ITU/HDU, A&E or other ward settings. Various training opportunities can be designed and integrated into courses that are currently provided by IMU. Trainees will then undergo the program to promote the spirit of teamwork; training and retraining a standard approach to a clinical situation. The trainer can then assess the level of a students’ knowledge that is needed to identify or handle specific clinical situations (e.g. tension pneumothorax) or provide training for their students to deal with specific clinical situations (e.g. to avoid a ultimate potential consequence-cardiac arrest).

The system is equipped with a state-of-the art control centre (CC), that is linked to the simulation lab and debriefing room. The control room is equipped a one-way mirror to oversee the entire training session. From this room, the instructor can control and manipulate the patient simulators to mimic virtually any medical scenario: a stroke, heart attack, small pox, amputation or other trauma. Students can take vital signs, insert intravenous lines and practice inserting breathing tubes, as well as other procedures. All simulations are video recorded and reviewed during post-scenario debriefings. IMU Advanced simulated clinical skill training centre consists of the following interconnected areas:

Simulated OT / Patient Ward – These rooms will have the most comprehensive patient simulator available, using the latest software and hardware technology for interdisciplinary training curriculums by IMU. The patient simulators are anatomically correct, look and feel real, and can even cough, breathe and speak, allowing doctors, nurses, emergency medical workers and other clinicians to sharpen their clinical skills so they are better prepared for real medical emergencies. The simulators will offer doctors and nurses the most realistic hands-on experience at no risk ot patients. The lab supports programmes such as  basic/advanced life support, resuscitation, emergency medicine program and complete metrics for skill assessment.

Control Room – This will be the brain of APSC. All video, audio and wireless data network system will converge here. It will have the capabilities to monitor, control activities and equipment manipulation in the simulation lab. Instructors can sit here and oversee the training session. The recording and archiving server is housed here for all video recording and viewing. It integrates seamlessly with IMU’s existing Laerdal and SimMan patient simulators.

Debriefing Room – Trainees will convene here for procedure briefings before the simulation training session begins. Also, they can meet here for discussions on the training session; the recorded training session is broadcasted on a large display monitor while the instructors can assess the students’ skills there and then. Trainees can also view live training sessions via the Wifi network in the room.

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