DentSim is the industry leader in augmented reality dental simulation helping dental students around the world improve their skills.

DentSim is an augmented reality advanced dental training simulator. While seated at a manikin and preparing a preparation, movement of the student’s handpiece and the typodont-tooth are optically tracked and analyzed in real-time.

Instant Feedback

Instant feedback means no more waiting for the instructor. Students become more productive in the labs, and instructors can focus on the students who need the most help.

Develop hand skills
Hundreds of procedures to choose from: basics through advanced procedures ensure that you get the most out of your investment.
Integrate into your lab
DentSim’s open platform can seamlessly be added to your current environment and allows you to integrate with virtually any mannequin you are already using.
Mental Imagery
Visualize the tooth leading to greater precision in future dental work

Clinical Features


Over 100 intra and extra- coronal clinically oriented procedures at varied difficulty levels
Wide selection of carbide and diamond burs supported by software
Grading by negative or positive grading system
Full data bank: records all sessions and enables viewing by students and instructors
MM helper – full Multimedia lessons
DentSim Reporter – DentSim classroom data export in MS Excel format for statistical analysis purposes
Burs Selector – A module to control the burs database
Run-time Control – A unique application that enables the instructor to control the run-time grades.

Work Environment

Tactile feedback and real time evaluation
Immediate and constant feedback by clinical criteria
Preparation simulation in VR environment
Clinical approach: full medical information (x-ray, medical history)
On-line evaluation: objective, detailed and user-friendly
Advanced working environment: light, zoom and rotation options