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Middlecare and Telemedicine Solutions

  • MiddleCare is the Orchestra Conductor of the patient workflow and your medical activities.
  • Telemedicine offering relies on a collection of expertise and tools that made ambitious operational projects possible.

With its EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) engine and its capacity to

match the physician’s working approach, MiddleCare is the Orchestra Conductor of the patient workflow and your medical activities

  • Quicker and easier access to patient medical records.
  • Improvements in the quality and efficiency of overall patient management
  • Speeding up and simplification of processes
  • Ease of implementation
  • Information consistency and Centralization
  • Easy to create new documents
  • Traceability of multiple record modifications
  • A paperless solution, reducing the risk of double-entries
  • Reinforced security with Electronic Signatures
  • Complete Statistics menu


Telemedicine provides an answer to the challenges healthcare providers are faced with:


  • Population ageing
  • Rise in chronic conditions//diseases
  • Uneven geographical distribution of health professionals
  • Shrinking supply of health professionals
  • Economic constraints

Middlecare’s collaborative work and workflow abilities. Middlecare is a

fully customizable platform to organize and share medical data.

  • ECS Imaging powerful communication and data exchange capabilities for projects involving medical imaging.
  • ECS Capture, our solution for integrating medical data.
  • Evolucare’s large patient database handling capabilities and identity monitoring tools.


ECS Telemedicine provides access to various types of projects, such as:

  • Teleconsultation, which enables a health practitioner to provide medical services to a patient remotely. A healthcare professional may be alongside the patient and if necessary assist the remote operator during the remote consultation.
  • Tele-expertise, which enables a health professional to remotely seek opinions from other professionals according to their training or specific abilities, based on medical information linked with patient management.
  • Telesurveillance, which enables a health professional to remotely analyze and interpret data on patient follow-up care and, if necessary, to make decisions pertaining to this patient.
  • Teleassistance, which enables a health professional to remotely assist another health professional for a procedure.

Middlecare Interoperability

  • Patient administration management, biology, imaging, pharmacy, meals…
  • Framework based on XML
  • IHE HL7 standard


Middlecare Architecture

  • High level of availability
  • Web Access
  • Oracle – SQL Server


Telemedicine session (workflow)

  • Patient identification
  • Authorization management
  • Creation of a request with clinical data
  • Request approval
  • Consultation (or remote consultation), and optionally, pulling patient records from the HIS
  • Data interpretation and report creation
  • Report is transferred to the patient record and the EHR
  • Notification of prescriber by e-mail and text message (SMS)

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