Hitachi (Projectors)

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Hitachi offers a vast lineup of products for your business and part of it are their top of the line LCD projectors.

Hitachi has a long-standing tradition of ensuring the best in quality, reliability and versatility. A wide array of award-winning multimedia projectors with exclusive Hitachi technologies and unrivalled features help anyone with multimedia needs, create impressive multimedia presentations.

Hitachi is one of the top selling brands for office projectors and classroom projectors on the market. Hitachi does not dabble in home theater projectors.

Hitachi projectors range from small and portable projectors, to industrial grade. Hitachi focuses on producing quality education projectors for K12 schools and universities.

Hitachi projectors, like Edison, prefer LCD technology. For an office with limited space, Hitachi Ultra Short Throw Projectors produce large images in a confined area. The Professional Series Hitachi projectors can project images up to 700 inches with high resolution.

Please refer to our product catalogue for specific product features.

Please refer to our product catalogue for specific product specifications.

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