Immersive Rooms

The anatomy of an immersive room

To retrofit Igloo technology into your existing rooms, we use a combination of Lidar scanning and artificial intelligence to map a room, create a bespoke projection template, specify the right projectors and projection points, and configure the Igloo Immersive Media Player.

We can retrofit Igloo immersive technology into any existing room, irrespective of its size, shape, or dimensions. Whatever you want on the walls, you can have it, thanks to our content-agnostic platform.

Work with the tools you already use, launch and run real-time applications, view websites in 360°, present and interrogate data, access your corporate Microsoft and Google suites, and much more.

Intuitive control via a choice of wireless devices, and a customizable interface for simple content access

Glass windows, walls, and doors
Any existing glass can be covered by a retractable, color-matched blind

Sound system
5.1 immersive sound system, with the option to upgrade to a fully-spatialised system

The display
Typically, an array of 4-6 ultra-short-throw projectors, retracted into the ceiling

Can be retrofitted into most meeting rooms, conference rooms, and workspaces

Immersive Media Player
Housed in a nearby server room and fits within the envelope of the corporate IT network

Get in touch with us for full specifications.