Language Learning Module

Provides the ability to manage and deliver consistent language course content within a pedagogically structured environment


Learning language will not be a daunting task as technology enables the delivery of the best suite of language learning content that excites the learning process and cultivates experience learning through collaboration and interaction.

Our complete software and hardware based integrated solution provides schools with an affordable, flexible licensing system that ensures that schools have exactly the resources they need for IT-based teaching. This flexible licensing system helps schools make the most of their IT infrastructure while avoiding expensive over-licensing.

The Language Learning Module provides all students, no matter where they are seated in the room, equal opportunity to hear the instructor and to be heard by the instructor. Each student can listen to the lesson material at a level set by themselves for their own comfort. None of the lesson material is misheard due to the direct nature of the sound transmission heard by each student via his or her individual headset.

  • Explores effective language teaching through understanding your students and the feelings they bring with them into the classroom.
  • improves the delivery services of teaching and learning for a language-based course in a networked environment.

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