Lecture Capture Management System


Our Lecture Capture Management System is the trusted cornerstone of any campus or enterprise video strategy.


No training, no software downloads, no need for faculty members to push a single button. Our solution introduces Lecture Capture Management System as purpose-built, appliance-based platforms. It features an automated workflow to record, deliver, manage, search and track video-based instruction.

Student-centric and subject-matter educators can manage and deploy a substantial amount of knowledge-based information to students over a secured network equipped with a complimentary set of teaching and learning tools more effectively as compared to a traditional face-to-face learning experience. This solution complements and supplements the face-to-face learning and not replaces it entirely and with plenty of customizable player templates and interactivity options, your course content, training, webcasts and events have never looked better.

  • Automate content capture to speed user adoption and scale worry-free webcasting enterprise-wide.
  • Easily record screencasts and rich video from any laptop, upload video captured with mobiles or any other device and manage all user-generated content.
  • Record and stream live events with a go-anywhere appliance or rely on turnkey event webcasting service.
  • A powerful and flexible system to deliver rich interactive video – live and on-demand – to any user on any screen
  • Video content can be created anywhere
  • Optimizes the viewing experience for each user – wherever they are – taking into account their device and available bandwidth

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