Mediasite by Sonic Foundry


Mediasite is the trusted cornerstone of any campus or enterprise video strategy. Our unyielding commitment to all things video helps you transform education, training, communications and online events.

Across campus and in the enterprise, valuable knowledge and expertise is shared every minute. But what’s the best way to capture that knowledge before it evaporates into thin air? Mediasite provides the flexible options you need to record and upload any content from anywhere – training rooms, classrooms, videoconferences, mobile devices, studios and live events.

Empower faculty, trainers, staff or students to create and share video,

training modules, lectures or assignments wherever they are. The Mediasite is a friendly launch pad for users to record, upload, manage and publish their own video content using:

  • Mediasite Desktop Recorder
  • Mediasite Upload
  • Mediasite Editor

Mediasite ML Recorders are the perfect go-anywhere appliance to record

and stream live and on-demand events to any user on any device – including mobiles. Designed for on-the-go webcasting, field events, guest speakers, conferences and tradeshows, Mediasite ML’s lightweight, portable design moves easily from location to location and can be set up and ready to record in only a few minutes. Rest assured, Mediasite ML pairs its award-winning mobility with rugged design to accommodate the most demanding webcast environments.

Video Content Management

Mediasite is the trusted cornerstone to your video content management strategy. It’s a powerful and flexible system to deliver rich interactive video – live and on-demand – to any user on any screen. Video content can be created anywhere – training rooms, classrooms, videoconferences, user-generated from their desktops, studios and live events. Regardless of the source, Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform ensures all content has a secure, central home.


Video Delivery

Distribute live and on-demand video anywhere.

Share knowledge, enhance learning and improve retention with live and on-demand video. Mediasite optimizes the viewing experience for each user – wherever they are – taking into account their device and available bandwidth. And with plenty of customizable player templates and interactivity options, your course content, training, webcasts and events have never looked better.

Work with your current systems? Absolutely.

The value of Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform explodes when your video assets seamlessly integrate with the systems that drive your online learning, training or communication strategy. Our packaged integration modules, industry standards support, open architecture and well-developed API provide content creation and viewing directly from the systems you use most.

  • Customizable playback experiences
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Registration pages
  • e-Commerce
  • Course and room scheduling integration
  • Custom content delivery and management

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