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Medical Exam Tutor supplements the educational and training content of a teaching hospital, delivering clinical training in a safe, risk free environment. Our self-paced e-learning resource provides a blended learning opportunity for students, tutors and lecturers, providing feedback on individual student and whole class performance.

Clinical learning resource

Medical Exam Tutor improves the quantity and quality of clinical education by aligning teaching and learning methods and assessment to your learning objectives. Students will use our content throughout their studies as a way of developing their clinical skills, as an exam revision tool and as a form of continuous self-assessment.

Mechanical Ventilation is a life-saving method used to assist the patient partially or totally regarding the severity of the respiratory failure. It is more a supportive intervention than a therapeutic one with considerable side effects and unwanted complications if not properly and timely used [1]. Given the abovementioned issues, specific training of physicians and nurses on mechanical ventilation is crucial for optimal outcomes. To date, most common ways for training include animal experiments to achieve realistic physiological and pathological conditions for advanced respiratory education.


Technology enhanced learning

Medical Exam Tutor embraces simulation based learning and is suitable for the individual student and both small and large class groups. Our technology can function as both a learning resource and an assessment bank for your medical school and is highly suitable for flipped classroom teaching methods.

Medical expertise

The clinical team and founders of Medical Exam Tutor have an in-depth understanding of undergraduate medical education and simulated learning techniques. Together we have over 60 years of clinical and education experience which have shaped the development of our technology.

No IT investment

As a cloud based technology, there is no IT investment or set-up costs associated with Medical Exam Tutor. Each user receives a unique user name and password to login to their personal learning profile.

Continuous content development

Our clinical team and extended network of expert contributors upload new long and short cases on a monthly basis so you can benefit from a constant stream of expert created content.

Medical Exam Tutor is designed to facilitate the most efficient and effective delivery of clinical content possible today.

Embracing technology enhanced learning, Medical Exam Tutor is designed to help you produce competent, confident junior doctors, combining an intelligent learning system with the most realistic patient cases available anywhere. Here are a few of the unique features that your University and students will benefit from:

  • Highly Interactive Long Cases
    The student plays the role of doctor making management decisions throughout the patient journey
    Multimedia, videos, lab and x-ray results all contribute to our realistic cases
    Cases in a whole range of specialties and subspecialties
    Feedback provided on every decision the student makes
  • Hundreds of Exam Focused Short Cases
    Clinical Vignettes and Spot diagnoses featuring real clinical signs and images
    Multiple choice SBA format
    Filter cases by specialty
    Smart learning interface helps the student focus
  • Academic Reporting Module
    Monitor individual student progress
    Identify strongest and weakest performers
    Understand areas of strength and weakness
  • Expert Created Content
    Cases authored by an array of top consultants
    Reviewed by our editorial team
    Based on real life patient encounters
    Instant feedback on every decision you make

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