Polycom™ Content




Polycom Content collaboration helps you achieve breakthroughs on every level of your organization—from better meetings to a stronger brand. Collaboration tools that are accessible to all and integrated into daily activities fosters true collaboration for everyone. With content sharing up to 1080p resolution better than Blu-Ray quality, Polycom foster innovation and reduce time-to-market by collecting, managing and sharing knowledge.

In many meetings, high-quality content collaboration is the most important factor. RealPresence Group Series lets you share content up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second—better than Blu-Ray quality. You can share anything with everyone on the call in the same quality that you see it locally – video clips, CAD animations, medical diagrams, or anything else you can dream up. Critical functions are improved and projects are tackled more effectively when high-quality collaboration is an essential part of the daily workflow.

Collaboration tools that are accessible to all and integrated into daily activities fosters true collaboration for everyone. Polycom® VisualBoard™ technology enables you to mark up documents, drawings, or anything else you share during a call. You can do this from a touch monitor, the Polycom® UC Board™ accessory connected to a standard LCD display or white board, or even a mouse connected to the RealPresence Group system. Plus you can save all of the content and annotations on a flash drive for later use.

Polycom® Content Features 

  • Content sharing – effortless screen sharing helps your remote workers strategize, brainstorm, and plan faster. Or turn any whiteboard or LCD screen into an interactive whiteboard space that natively integrates with your video systems—so everyone can contribute in real time, from any device.
  • Recording, Streaming & Content Management – stream executive broadcasts or train departments with video on demand. Launch and expand external online communications, training, and educational initiatives—and capture content from your video network effortlessly.
  • Polycom ContentConnect – enabling natural content sharing experience across Skype for Business and traditional video systems.
  • Use the built-in VGA and HDMI connectors to plug directly into a laptop, document camera, Blu-ray player, or a multitude of other devices.
  • Use the free People+Content IP application to wirelessly share from a PC or Mac.
  • Use SmartPairing to automatically connect your mobile device or laptop to the RealPresence Group system.
  • Or, when using the RealPresence Platform with RealPresence Content Sharing Suite, you can easily send or receive content from a standard web browser.