Question Bank


QuestionBank is the easy to use exam question and item banking software.

Over the years, you’ll build up a bank of hundreds, even thousands of questions that you return to whenever you create a new exam. QuestionBank makes managing and analysing the performance of these questions easy – and speeds up the process of adding more when you need to.

The benefits of QuestionBank software

This versatile technology gives you:

  • Confidence in the quality and validity of your assessments.
  • Time. No more unwieldy Word documents or unreliable systems, just a quick and efficient item banking solution.
  • The power to interrogate the performance of every question and weed out the ones that aren’t working.
  • The control to drive up quality, ensuring each exam offers the right content and the appropriate degree of difficulty.
  • Essential feedback through detailed statistics and analysis.
  • Create, manage and optimise your examinations
  • Map questions to particular curriculum and learning outcomes
  • Improves the quality of assessments
  • Supports Multiple Choice Questions, Short Written Answer, OSCEs and more
  • Allows the importing of existing question libraries
  • Remote authoring
  • Advanced, in-depth statistical analysis
  • Seamless integration with MultiQuest or CliniQuest
  • Intuitive design – no IT skills required

The software is simple and very accessible. Users don’t need to have a huge in-house IT resource, so the ease of use.

Running a mixed online/offline customer, employee or patient survey? Not a problem. Any devices that capture data while offline have their data extracted as soon as they connect to the network.

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