An interactive learning and teaching tool that uses real anatomy and clinical cases to develop critical thinking in clinical training.

With the possibility of repeated interaction with virtual representations of real bodies

rendered from clinical imaging throughout their education, students, residents and medical professionals are able to gain deeper understanding and insight into anatomy, and the functions and processes inside the body. Easy access to all types of medical images, including 3D renderings, provides the ability to demonstrate anatomical variations and, in combination with the possibility to study multiple cases, this contributes to enhanced medical education and clinical training.

By connecting to Sectra Education Portal, a cloud-based sharing portal, teachers and students have access to an extensive library of cases, providing them with a wide variety of clinical content. Through Sectra’s collaborative network, institutions can share cases and knowledge with other Sectra users from around the world.

Sectra Table is a large, multi-touch medical display, powered by a Sectra PACS workstation. It allows users to easily explore and examine virtual representations of real bodies in minute detail. 3D images are quickly and smoothly rendered from data provided by CT and MR scans.

Interacting with 3D volumes through a touch interface is similar to using a smartphone. By simply touching the screen, you can interact with the image intuitively. You can swipe, scroll, zoom, rotate and navigate inside the images as well as remove layers of skin and muscle and dissect the body with a virtual knife. Interacting with images throughout the learning process supports the tactile memory, making students better prepared to transition from virtual to real.