Surgical Tables

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The exceptional design , high quality , and engineering excellence series of surgical tables not only satisfy customers’ expected reliability , performance , safety , and value , it does so but also offer , almost unlimited articulations .

Surgical Tables.

TriMax 650NS Series – Ultra low tabletop and versatility beyond users’ inspired.

Dr. MAX 7000N Series – The excellent balance meets the needs of neurosurgery or ENT surgery.

Dr. MAX 7000S Series – Streamlined design and fully electromotive hydraulic drive – the line power supply, or optional battery power supply – provides multipurpose functions.

Dr. MAX 5800 Series – The most versatile OR table.

NOVEL NOT 5600 Series – Electrical Surgical Table designed to effectively position patients, facilitate easy access and control for either surgical team or C-Arm, and ensure patient safety and comfort.

NOVEL 330T Series – Manual Universal Surgical Tables is fully manual-hydraulic operated for easy and effective operation in order to facilitate access for either surgical team or C-arm, ensuring patient safety and comfort.

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