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Dedicated to making life sound better. As a world leader in the development and manufacturing of digital audio signal processing (DSP) systems and accessories, Symetrix provides best in class audio management solutions to businesses, schools, non-profits and government organizations.

For no other reason than it is simply the right thing to do, Symetrix holds honesty and ethical business practices to be as important as excellence in engineering and customer support through their range of products to help make your sound better.

SymNet Open Architecture Dante Scalable DSP – Fully customizable audio routing and processing. Scalable from one to many DSPs.

SymNet Open Architecture Standalone DSP – Fully customizable audio routing and processing within standalone DSPs.

Jupiter & Zone Mix Fixed Architecture Standalone DSP – Standalone DSPs with turn-key processing and signal routing. Optimized for specific applications.

SymNet Audio I/O and Control Expansion – Wide dynamic range, low noise audio break in and break out units; versatile external control expander.

AirTools Broadcast Application Specific DSP – A software programmable digital voice processor and a rack or remote controlled digital profanity delay.

Symetrix Legacy – An analog voice processor adds warmth and color to digital broadcasts and recordings.

Symetrix User Interfaces – End user control of selected audio parameters. Low cost wall panels, a web app, a touch screen PC, and a desktop controller.



Please refer to our product catalogue for specific product features.

Please refer to our product catalogue for specific product specifications

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