Intouch Health Xpress

InTouch Xpress provides a robust and reliable solution for enabling secure, real-time connections to patients anywhere WiFi or cellular broadband is available. The ruggedized form factor is ideal for transport conditions

InTouch Health has managed over 800,000 physician-to-patient telehealth consultations with 14,000 providers in over 130 health systems, including many of the most recognized systems in the nation. We have the experience it takes to make each new partnership a success. InTouch supports more than 30 different telehealth service lines from acute to post-acute care, including globally successful telehealth services for stroke and ICU. With Intouch Xpress, it allows an optimizes viewing of patients and others with its pan-tilt-zoom camera system that can be controlled from the Provider Access Software. It also improves communication clarity with its dual audio modes and enables “hands-on” functions through medical device connections that support FDA requirements for active patient monitoring